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Are you looking for the best handcrafted women clothes in the market? You are on the right place!

We are basicly providing very specific ethnic women clothes, but also a range for men and even for the kids! Handcrafted in India, our exclusive collections provides you with the best goods in the market and that with the best prices.

This clothes are among the best fashion trend in the women clothing market, based in Frence in Cahors, our headquarter. We have a huge experience in the fashion world, now after a couple of decades our stylists are among the best in Frence and they are selecting pemanently the best items for your business.
Many of retailers jumped on bords and successfully sold their goods quickly and are still happy today.

We are looking for great partnerships as you, our vocation is to provide rare handcrafted good coming with a cheap price but also to go along with you on the long run.

Today ''Women Clothing Wholeseller'' is leader on his market and works on a strong logistic organisation with great transportation companys as ''DHL'', in order to make each single transaction as safe as possible.
You can try today for a small amount to be definitivly covinced and then we will be glad to hear again from you soon!

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