Quality Charter

Quality charter of your women’s textile wholesaler 

We are extremely vigilant concerning all aspects of the manufacturing process. That’s why we have choosed an handcrafted production process, at the end of the day we end up with the best quality in the market. Made with 100% silk or 100% cotton our clothes are not made in China, but rather in India and Nepal handcrafted by the best craftmen of the country who follow every single aspect of European norms and conventions. Before any delivery,  each single item is carefully inspected. Our have a really strong curstomer service, able to fix any question at any time.

 Why you should start to make great deals with us, and that now?

Unbeatable prices,Top quality, Unique handcrafted items, Excellent customer service, Fast shipment, an orders made in the morning is sent out the same day, Safe shipment through la poste.

in Frence and overseas delivered by UPS in 20 days to one week.

Skyrock your turnover, here you go!


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