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Become a seller ready to wear clothing for women !

You're in love of India and its particular culture, so colorful?

At a time when any styles are allowed, learn how to get along with the best for yourself and spread your passion to your entourage, the authenticity of ready-to-wear Indian and Nepalese gets you along with a lot of customers and that world wide! Light and colorful, cotton and silk,  these clothes in the wardrobe are naturally integrated.

Our job is to get you the best goods at the best price on the market, you can start a meeting style " tupperware party " or open a small shop with top items.

 ''Grossiste Vetement Femme'' gets along the French fashion culture of exellence, which provide you very special, specific and authentic goods, and that going along with really cheap prices.

Many retailers alreadey jumped on board! And you?

Why us?

Why to choose wholesale-women's-clothing instead of another online supplier?

We import and manufacture Indian and Nepalese women clothing, all of our collections are handpicked by professionals in the fashion industry, our ready-to-wear collections are, for the most part, handcrafted in India and Nepal, quality is a top priority for us, and a large number of shops off and online, already choosed us as their online wholesaler for women clothes. Today this is your oppotunity to start.


Who sell our women clothes? 

Shops and street vendors everywhere in France have quiet the same collections, expecially because they buy from the same wholesalers in Paris, Lyon and from Marseille as well. On the other hand, we are the exclusive distributors of this specific collection, exeption done with jeans, no other wholesaler or supplier have this range of ready-to-wear clothes. If you choose us, you run no risk of having to slash prices on unsold inventory and you can be sure that your customers won't be in a position to complain.

''Ready to wear'' wholesaler

Ready to wear wholesaler: your online women clothes supplier.

Manufacturers of clothes, especially fashion women clothes handcrafted from Indian, we are looking to expand our business by building a genuine partnership with our sellers.

As a wholesaler being along with ''ready to wear'', we are regularly offering new collections, with an advantage: cutting the prices down by economics scales and as well by cheap basics fees as physical store, our goal is to provide you the best at the price and that at all time. We are working to provide you the handcrafted goods and that cheap in order to establish a relationship of trust with you, we provides you with exclusive articles by Collections constantly renewed. The ideal situation at any time.

You want to go through women clothes selling oppotunity? You are on the right place.

You can catch up now with every advantages of working with us!

In fact , even if you are new in the market as a reseller you can easily open a shop? Even if you want to get started for the first time, you will find with us the ideal partner offering you great and cheap goods!

Moreover, no minimum is required to order, and the cost of preparing the goods are free from 100 €.

While it is fun to do in this environment at low prices, starting a meeting style " tupperware party " or open a small exclusive shop, we are your ideal partner.


Quality fashion clothing women

We are online wholesaler and specialist as wholesaler clothing woman, provided by importations coming from Indian and Nepalese, our clothes are distributed only on our site and won't be find in any other places.

Anxious to provide your clients with high quality products, your clothing manufacturer gets along only with homemade goods; raw materials of high quality are selected, and we guarantee 100% cotton items and / or 100% silk. To fight against the non-conforming work, the production of these clothes is monitored and regularly checked for compliance with the European standards.

Whether in the choice of fabrics or in the process of transformation, we are vigilant to deliver the highest quality for an authentic finish product satisfying our customers.

As a wholesaler ''ready to wear'', we makes the best conditions to our sellers. Looking satisfied and eager to establish an ongoing partnership, our pricing policy is based on equal traitements, and we are offering all our goods at low prices. The perfect place to go through this business without taking too much risk ! Transportation is organized with the best transportation companys in the world as ''DHL'', so you are always delivered quicky and safely.

Your online supplier offers unbeatable prices!

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